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Bob Voulgaris

Haralabos VoulgarisVerifizierter Account. @haralabob. Head of Quantitative Research and Something or Other Dallas Mavericks. Irresponsibly. In einem wirklich beeindruckenden Blog erzählt der kanadische Highroller und Sportwetter Haralabos Voulgaris über seine Erfahrungen mit FullTilt Poker, Ray. Bob Voulgaris built a reputation for his expertise on -- and criticisms of -- coaches' strategies and referees' individual tendencies. He drew a faithful following on.

Mavs turn to former pro gambler's deep analytics

In der neusten Folge des Poker Life Podcast mit Joseph „joeingram1“ Ingram ist Sportwettenprofi Haralabos Voulgaris zu Gast. Haralabos Voulgaris (sprich: [ɹælæbos wʉlgæræs]) ist ein professioneller Pokerspieler aus Kanada, der bis dato zehn Events der World. In einem wirklich beeindruckenden Blog erzählt der kanadische Highroller und Sportwetter Haralabos Voulgaris über seine Erfahrungen mit FullTilt Poker, Ray.

Bob Voulgaris Voulgaris’ biography Video

Bill Simmons, Zach Lowe, and Haralabos Voulgaris Preview the 2014-15 NBA Season - B.S. Report

Born Haralabos Voulgaris in , Bob Voulgaris is a Greek Canadian sports bettor and poker player that is a pro in sports betting. Unlike many professional gamblers, Voulgaris enjoys the limelight, and he’s embraced the fame that’s come with his legendary NBA exploits. In another example of how dramatically the NBA is embracing the gambling industry, the Dallas Mavericks are hiring former professional sports gambler Bob Voulgaris as director of quantitative. The latest tweets from @haralabob. Voulgaris has long been a minor celebrity among a certain subset of NBA fans, amassing , Twitter followers and making numerous appearances on Bill Simmons’s podcasts. He hit his first jackpot. In October of , Dallas hired former professional sports bettor Bob Voulgaris as its Director of Quantitative Research and Development. "For years, Voulgaris made a living betting on NBA games. Haralabos „Bob“ Voulgaris ist ein kanadisch-griechischer Pokerspieler und professioneller Sportwetter. Haralabos „Bob“ Voulgaris (* 7. April in Winnipeg, Manitoba) ist ein kanadisch-griechischer Pokerspieler und professioneller Sportwetter. What Haralabos Voulgaris' New Front Office Job In Dallas Says About Sports Betting And The NBA. Veteran sports bettor and poker player. Haralabos Voulgaris has won 0 bracelets and 0 rings for total earnings of $ See all events where they placed in-the-money. 12/28/ · In this article, you will be able to read the story of one of the most successful sports bettor – Haralabos “Bob” Voulgaris (the nickname is known thanks to the Bill Simmons' podcast). Content: 1. Voulgaris’ biography 2. Ups and downs in the sports bettor’s career 3. In October of , Dallas hired former professional sports bettor Bob Voulgaris as its Director of Quantitative Research and Development. "For years, Voulgaris made a living betting on NBA games. Bob Voulgaris, a former professional sports gambler known for his expertise in analytics, has been hired by as the Mavericks' director of quantitative research and development, sources told ESPN.
Bob Voulgaris

Inanspruchnahme zu berГcksichtigen sind - Bob Voulgaris, reicht in diesem Zusammenhang nicht. - Player Bio

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Voulgaris was well aware of these predecessors. As a purely subjective bettor, Voulgaris had been placing perhaps individual wagers each season. But after the disastrous end to the season, with his edge gone, he decided that he should increase his betting frequency by an order of magnitude but decrease the sums he was putting at risk on each wager.

It only made probabilistic sense. If his return on investment ROI fell from 20 percent to, say, 5 percent, that was okay. This new approach would require an enormous amount of research and analysis.

It would require projecting a score for each and every game in an NBA regular season -- all 1, A single human mind would be overwhelmed by the workload; only a computer program could handle it.

Voulgaris chose the right moment to start building a predictive model for NBA games. Four years earlier, in the season, the league had for the first time made play-by-play information available to the public, whereas before only box scores were published.

This trove of fresh information had no immediate practical value, except perhaps to assuage fan curiosity.

But by , a large enough sample of data had accumulated to employ it with scientific rigor. To help him build his model, Voulgaris required a specialist in the field, a mind trained in the codes of statistics, mathematics and computer science.

He started the search in It took him two years and six individual tryouts -- most of those interviewees were found online, Voulgaris says, and two of them landed in NBA front offices -- to find the right person.

The right person was a literal math prodigy. As a preteen, he had won national math contests; he had been the subject of awestruck articles in major newspapers.

He had scored a perfect on the math portion of the SAT when he was in seventh grade. At the time of his interview with Voulgaris, he had just quit a high-paying job designing algorithms for an East Coast hedge fund with a roster of Nobel-grade quant talent.

The relationship got off to a rocky start. To do so, they would have to break the game down into its basic unit, the possession. Each simulation would therefore be a series of mini-simulations.

First, the program would have to predict the number of possessions each matchup would likely produce. Then it would need to judge the likeliest outcome of each possession: Score or no score; one point, two points or three; micro-forecasts ascertained from historical performance data.

It would also have to take into account a vast number of potential occurrences, each missed shot or successful rebound creating the possibility of still other occurrences -- a garden of explosively forking paths, as if in parallel universes.

The program would run tens of thousands of simulations for each matchup, discarding the most outlandish or improbable results.

It would be a black box -- prophecy as output. Between the statistical analysis, the algorithms and the programming, it took two years to create their first model, version 1.

Voulgaris continued to bet subjectively, marking time until the model was ready. When they finished, they called it Ewing.

At some point in the process of breaking the game down into its component parts, they realized that Ewing would also require a kind of feeder model, one that could forecast the lineups a team would most likely use each game and the minutes each player was likely to see on the court.

They called that model Van Gundy. Van Gundy, in turn, required its own feeder tool, one that would track the overall roster patterns for each team, the trades, the draft picks, the midseason player-acquisition tendencies.

That database, less intricate than the other two, they at times jokingly referred to as Morey, as in Daryl Morey, the quant-minded GM of the Rockets.

Ewing, Van Gundy, Morey. Player, coach, GM. The names of each corresponding, of course, to the job of each tool. Every score the model spit out was higher than the average lines produced by the bookmakers -- the standard by which they would be judging themselves.

The model, in other words, was recommending that Voulgaris bet the over in every single game. Denver Nuggets.

Green, Wiseman miss Day 1 of Warriors practice. Bam buys mom house after growing up in trailer. Miami Heat. How will the NBA season actually work?

What we know and don't know about Starting triumphantly, the Ewing betting model overtime began to give less and less profit.

In , it amounted to only a few percent. According to the well-known gambler, their task is now not so much to improve Ewing but simply not to let it get worse.

Read more : Sports Betting: Leisure, opportunities, and Risks. Once Vulgaris claimed that one of his dreams is to become the general manager of the NBA team.

Most likely, it was for this reason that Haralabos violated one of the main commandments of a professional betting player in He began to give a large number of interviews on the topic of betting and NBA to various publications and Internet blogs.

Of course, this was thought out, like everything that this person does. He wanted to become a famous basketball expert, and it worked.

Vulgaris is considered one of the most prolific sports bettors in history. Besides, he is an experienced poker player who participated in high stakes tournaments in Las Vegas, Macau and other major gambling zones.

A lot of people who are interested in the sports betting industry and have heard about Haralabos Voulgaris want to know whether the gambler has achieved success fairly.

In general, in any basketball game, more points are scored in the second half due to the fact that the teams utilize more fouls as well as time-outs, which leads to higher scores.

Having found out about this, the sports bettor managed to achieve success. The well-known sports bettor seems to be really closed about his private life.

At present, he is not married and does not have any children. However, it is still unknown whether he has a girlfriend. The gambler does not share any personal information on social networks and only occasionally jokes about this topic.

For instance, not so long ago, on Haralabos Voulgaris twitter, there was a message about his unhealthy relationship with Bitcoin.

Taking into the fact the gambler has always been extremely dedicated to sports betting it is possible to conclude that he does not have a lot of time for other hobbies.

Besides, he is also known as a poker player. However, he has not managed to achieve a big success in this industry and win any WSOP bracelets and titles.

As mentioned earlier, match-fixing became illegal in Sri Lanka. Greek Canadian sports bettor and poker player. Retrieved Business Insider.

The Hendon Mob Poker Database.

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The Hong Kong based entrepreneur wins the third largest first-place prize in poker history. Better than the book In his sports wagering career, Voulgaris developed a knack for staying ahead of the other experts. We should have seen it coming. State Guides. Get Email Updates Get alerts when Trikotsponsor Chelsea gambling sites go live in your state and more.
Bob Voulgaris He was essentially leading the fantasy life of your basic under North American male. The elder Voulgaris had risen from poverty to become a successful Winnipeg entrepreneur. Vulgaris was enjoying his success. Especially successful for him were bets on the Los Angeles Lakers team, which won the championships in the seasons of and Deutsch Edit links. Wetter Malta März, Van Gundy, Morey. It is a paradoxical Kreuzworträtsel Online Rtl. Download Bob Voulgaris PDF Printable version. The more he wagers, the more he courts ruin. Walters, Kent and their syndicates stood basically alone until the late s, when PCs became powerful enough to do the computation work required by predictive models, and more data became available to feed them. So Voulgaris and the Whiz created, for Ewing, an aging component. Like Pik As Tattoo Bedeutung brethren inside hedge funds, these gamblers are known as quants. He started Skat Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung Online Spielen search in The relationship got off to a rocky start.
Bob Voulgaris He needed the help of a new machine. When Ewing went live with actual betting for the first time toward the end of the season, Voulgaris was not yet sold on its powers. But bya large enough sample of data had accumulated to employ it with scientific rigor. He took the job with Dallas in an effort Lottoland Zahlungsmöglichkeiten work closely with Mark Cuban and learn the tricks of the trade.


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